London Leather

50 Shades is the fantasy, this is the reality

London Leather now in paperback

The paperback version of London Leather is now available from Amazon!

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London Leather published for Kindle

Do you ever wonder what the BDSM lifestyle is really like? Or are you in the local scene yourself and longing for some fiction that rings true to your experiences? If so, London Leather is the book you’ve been waiting for. Author Penny Armstrong has been practising BDSM for 10 years, in addition to having a professional background in writing and editing.

London Leather follows the lives of four Londoners who happen to be out and proud on the fetish circuit. For these twenty- and thirty-somethings, life throws up familiar challenges with particular twists, such as –

  • Can graduate student Tina find a decent male dom with an ego smaller than Jupiter?
  • Will lifestyle sub Chris ‘chebs’ Hamilton have to explain BDSM to the relatives at his wedding?
  • Chris’ wife, Laura is hearing her biological clock tick, but in the world’s eyes she’s a scandalous pervert. Is it wise for them to start a family?
  • How’s Master Viper (aka Tom), a carpenter, supposed to stay solvent when half the scene expects him to make them dungeon furniture on mates’ rates?

… and other vital questions of kinky life.

Whether you have a dungeon in your cellar or you just want to take a brief walk on the wild side, London Leather is a novel to strip away the sensationalism and half-truths surrounding BDSM and the people who do it. Four years in the writing, it gets to the heart of real-life relationships as well as featuring heavily kinky scenes as events unfold at a fetish club and a private party.